5 Reasons Why You Need A Drinks Cabinet In Your Life


For many of us; the place we love the most and hold dearest in our hearts, is our home. But for some of us, the pub is our home! Or it’s a close second…Drinks Cabinets combine the best of both worlds, we think they’re a must have for your home and here’s why.

Picture this, you’re sitting in one of the comfiest chairs you’ve ever sat in before, your favourite music is playing in the background, the lighting is set to just how you like it, you decide you want a drink, you make your way up to the bar which isn’t overcrowded. The bar is full of drinks, but not just any drinks they’re your favourites. And the best bit, this bar is open for you, and you only. A home bar sounds like a good idea now, right?


1. Wow Your Guests:

Are you someone who regularly hosts dinner parties, cocktail galas or general social gatherings? A drinks cabinet or home bar provides the perfect opportunity to dazzle even the most regular party-goer. Your new bar cabinet will be sure to turn heads and catch the eye of all your guests, making it a key conversation topic throughout the night. Impress your guests by lavishly displaying your finest glassware, leaving them in awe of both your liquor and glass collections. Asides from the cabinet being the centre of attention, you can use the cabinet to your advantage; serve your guests in style, or let your guests pour their favourite drinks while you kick back and enjoy the night.


Dazzle your dinner guests with the Tate Bar Cabinet


2. Keep Your Worktops and Cupboards clear:

So now we’ve given you the low down on how your cabinet will liven up your dinner parties and social events, let’s talk about the practical side of a cocktail cabinet. Any drink connoisseur will have multiple bottles of; wine, liquor, and other beverages that take their fancy. Often these drinks will be left sprawled out on our kitchen counters and  at times can clog up our kitchen cupboards leaving less room for those kitchen essentials. This is where a liquor cabinet comes in handy. Rather than cramming those drinks into your cupboards, use your bar cabinet to store those drinks away in style! Each alcohol cabinet is unique and will come with different types of storage. If you drink wine like there is pinot tomorrow, a unit with a bottle rack may be better suited to you, while liquor lovers may find a cupboard with shelf space is better for storing away their weird and wonderful bottles. Drawers are another common feature for bar cabinets, use these to your advantage by storing away your trusty bottle opener (making it that bit easier to pour yourself a glass after a long day) or use the drawer to store away straws and cocktail umbrellas for when you have a cocktail party. 


Style it Your Way:

Build it your way. Sorry to disappoint but that isn’t an offer for Burger King…  But it is useful when we think about our homes. We customise our homes and design them in the way that suits us best. A alcohol cabinet is no different to any other bit of furniture in your house, and it can be customised to suit your chosen style. Once your ideal cabinet has been chosen; which can either compliment the existing interior, or it could be a standout piece, the different compartments of a cabinet can be used to make the cabinet unique to you. The shelves and tops of cabinets can be used to display your finest ornaments, favourite family photos or a homely candle. Open compartments can be used to house your smart-home speaker or, a mini-fridge to keep those bottles of white wine and beer cool. And if you’re a proud plant parent, you can also give your plants a new home, store them away within an open section of a cabinet or, position them comfortably on top to give the cabinet some extra life.


The 3-Tier Gold Drinks Trolley, styled by Lovedbymilliex (IG)


Complete your living space:

Do you ever get the feeling that a space in your home is missing something? Whether it’s a bare corner in your living room, a gap in your kitchen worktops or a plain space in your dining room, cocktail cabinets look great in any room in your home. Thankfully there are plenty of styles and sizes available so you can pick the cabinet which suits you down to a tee. You may decide your ideal bar cabinet should match your interior style and should blend in nicely with the rest of your furniture. Or, if you’re feeling daring; a flashy, snazzy and striking drinks cabinet may be what’s needed to spice up your living space. In terms of sizing, choose a tall drinks cabinet if you have more alcohol to store away, while the smaller cabinets are great for filling those little and awkward spaces. Filling that empty space or adding a cabinet to your favourite room will leave you feeling content, allowing you to move onto the next project!


See below for examples of a tall and standard size liquor cabinet.


Nevada Tall Drinks Cabinet:

Nevada Drinks Cabinet:


Everything in One Place:

As humans we like to make our lives as easy as possible. We are forever searching for ways to make those day-to-day tasks as straight forward as possible. Why would you not apply this concept to the furniture in your home and for your favourite bottles of tipple? A drinks holder provides the perfect opportunity to keep all of your drinks and drinks accessories in one place. Use the drawers of cabinets for bottle openers, corkscrews and more. By doing this you will free up space in your cutlery drawer, and it will mean that you are keeping everything you need in one place. From the comfort of your living room, you can pour a glass of your favourite drink into your most cherished glass. 



We appreciate that not everyone is an alcohol lover, but if you’ve just renewed your gin membership, or you’re a drink connoisseur with an alcohol collection of some sort, the benefits that a drinks cabinet can bring are plentiful. A drinks bar is an investment that will help you to keep your home organised and tidy, while also allowing you to have fun in the process, being your own bartender for yourself and for your friends!